Simply painting a car speaker white does not make for a good marine speaker. The marine environment is extremely harsh on a speaker, with huge amounts of UV exposure and corrosive salt in the air and water. The acoustic environment in a boat is also radically different from a car or home environment.
Marine speaker systems and components are specifically designed and tuned for an open-air boating environment, ensuring phenomenal fidelity at cruising speed or while anchored at your favorite swimming spot. We have products that sound and look great for a long time. Significant investments in salt-fog and ultraviolet test equipment have paid off with remarkable advances in materials to combat the harsh elements.

Wet Sounds™ is a manufacturer that is dedicated only to the marine industry. They engineer and build products to perform beyond your expectations. They design them with an image that is appealing and captivating. With their sleek design and incredible audio performance, Wet Sounds™ has set the stage for unrivaled performance.