What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a radio frequency based cable replacement technology.
It is designed to be an inexpensive wireless personal networking system for all classes of portable devices
such as laptops, PDA`s (Personal digital assistants), mobile phones and headsets.
Bluetooth can also replace cabling in a more static environment i.e. between desktop computers and printers.
A device has to be Bluetooth enabled (i.e. contain a Bluetooth chip) to be able to use a Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth Range
These ranges can be affected by environmental conditions i.e. furniture, walls,
people so ranges can easily be reduced. Bluetooth is not a line of sight connection so
it can be used through walls and floors. Typical range is 30 ft.

It is a common misconception that all Bluetooth devices can connect to any other device and
browse the information on it. This cannot be done without the user setting the device to do so.
Bluetooth security has various levels of authentication including pin code entry and up to 128-bit encryption.